International card payments

International card payments

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International card payments

We accept the following payment cards: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro, JCB

How to make a national or international card payments through

1 Click on the terms and conditions above

2 After reading the terms and conditions enter the amount to be (i)  paid then (ii) enter the description of the service that you wish to pay for using the abbreviation of these services below: using either (A) HTE  (B) CTAA (C) CSL (D) MCL (E) PMJ (F) PHSL

3 Follow the online instructions to complete the credit card payment deposit. Thank you

4 Click on picture to visit the websites.

 (A) Make a gift toward the ministry of  Andrew 

(Who Is Right & How To evangelise)

How to Evangelise, Bible Study

B (CTAA) Proposal for Call To Action Advertising

Logo Call To Action Advertising April 2019

C (CSL) Proposal for Concierge Services London

Concierge Services London    

D (MCL) Proposal for Management Consultants London 

Management Consultants London


E (PMJ) Proposal for Project Manager Jobs 

Project Manager Jobs 1

F (PHSL) Proposal for Private House Sale London

Private House Sale London International Card Payments

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